Want to Stop Painful
Thoughts and Feelings?

Want Peace, Love and Joy Now
Without Controlling Thoughts,
or Healing the Past?

Do thoughts run on, maybe keeping you up at night?

  • Do problems stress you?
  • Is there hurt, fear, or anxiety?
  • Have you had enough?

My name is Cindy Teevens, and I've been there, where I was all too aware of my painful thinking patterns, and it seemed there was nothing that I could do to stop it.


My Father suffered severely, became depressed, and violently committed suicide. As I left the hospital after he passed away, I promised him that "it would not be for nothing" (his suffering, the family's suffering). I didn't know what that meant; later I thought it was about money, but I realized that was just a symptom, not a cause. Six years later, right in the middle of my own intense, unrelated suffering (with suicide not an option due to my promise) all that pain flipped over into the most amazing joy, love, and peace! What happened next was also completely unexpected...


Uproarious Laughter

  • Laughter exploded at the simplicity and power of it - I would be walking down the street, notice the painful option and chose joy instead, and burst out laughing at what I used to suffer over.
  • Tears of gratitude flowed, and happiness and peace became my predominant states.
  • Understandings began to come about how we have been living backwards, mistaking the outside for the inside, and how we have tethered ourselves to the uncontrollable winds of change in the midst of freedom--and how we can return to truth, sanity, and peace.

Positive Thinking is Painful

Before then, I tried everything, I tried doing things I thought made me happy and sometimes they distracted me for a while, but more often than not it made things I loved doing impossible to enjoy. I tried "self talk" and "positive thinking," but trying to force a good thought on a bad feeling just made it all feel worse, and on top of that I felt like a fraud and a failure. I just could not ignore the things that were troubling me.

After the shift, my life was never the same again. In a major breakthrough, I learned that

We don't want things, people, or events.

We want the feeling we mistake them for.

--and most astoundingly, that we can have it any time! The secret was not to think positively, but to feel good first. Because when you feel bad, bad thoughts come easily and effortlessly. When you feel good, good thoughts come easily and effortlessly. I went around on a high for weeks, when I learned feeling calm and peaceful were also options. For weeks I could not explain what had happened or how to share it so that others could have it to, until one day the words came through me for a friend in need.

Gratitude compelled me to drop everything and share this discovery, so I wrote a book and began guiding people, showing them how to do what had happened to me, and a practice which I call Alchemy. Hundreds of people who worked with me were getting the same results. But I wanted to find a way to reach as many people as possible, as quickly as I can, so I created a unique program that could help thousands.

Alchemy for Inner Peace of Mind

In the Alchemy Inner Peace of Mind Audio Program you get:

CD Album 3D

  • 5 Audio CD's, up to 80-minutes each (worth $57)
  • The CDs in Downloadable MP3 format (worth $57)
  • Alchemy Cheat Sheet PDF ($7 value)
  • Alchemy Antonyms Chart PDF ($7 value)
  • Transcripts of the Audios PDF (worth $47)
  • Plus Cindy's notes, printed booklet ($17 value)
  • Three Chapters Alchemy e-Book PDF (free)
  • Sense Presence Meditation MP3 ($27 value)
  • Alchemy Quick Start Guide PDF ($17 value)
  • 5 Happiness Mistakes People Make MP3 ($17 value)


  • Guided MP3 Tour of Alchemy with the Author. Cindy will walk you through using the seven powerful questions to help you shift your state, freeing you and giving you access to your natural inner wisdom. (Value: $37)

The peace and tranquility...right here and right now!!

The experience was sensational. The simplicity of it almost absurd. To know that I can choose joy over suffering always and anytime. The freedom that it brings. The peace and tranquility...right here and right now!! Thank-you Cindy, for giving me my life! Forever grateful. ~ Maria Bauer, Nepean ON

Instant Access to Inner Peace

Begin your own discovery right now - Download the MP3 files, the Alchemy book chapters, the Alchemy Antonyms Chart, the Audio Transcriptions and Cindy's Notes, the Alchemy e-Workbook, the Alchemy Cheat Sheet, and your Free Session Certificate. Your Audio CD's will be shipped via post.

This Alchemy Inner Peace Audio Program is for anyone who wants to find peace of mind, no matter what is going on around them; and anyone who wants to discover freedom, love, and joy beyond belief because I know, from personal experience, that you are capable of much more joy and bliss than you have lived--or imagined! (In fact, it's been our imagination that has kept us from it!)

What you will learn...

  • One thing you can do for immediate relief from thoughts
  • The true cause of pain and happiness
  • Everything we thought about happiness is wrong
  • How to use the three powers you were born with
  • You don't need to heal the past
  • The structure of suffering vs. the structure of joy
  • You don't need to control your thoughts
  • How to use your body to know your freedom
  • The 5 mistakes people make seeking happiness
  • Happiness is not acquired, it is your natural state
  • The unnatural causes of pain
  • and much much more!

A Magical Experience

What a GIFT, What a GIFT, What a Gift, these were the words I got after getting off the phone with you today Cindy. I am now feeling Love, Joy and Happiness and some tears of JOY. I had no idea what to expect with the phone session but it was like sharing with my best friend, some personal grief issues. Which quickly disappeared with a few short questions to my body. It was a magical experience. ~ Wilda Hicks

Real People. Real Lives. Real Transformation.

With the set of 5 CD's you will witness the simplicity yet power of the Alchemy of Love and Joy to help people shift state and perspective, permanently. Follow along within yourself and experience your own release and joy.

Listen to Sample Clips

This kind of transformation can happen in under 30 minutes - sometimes in five minutes!

Getting to the Core - Let Down

The Laughter of Realization

I have the power!

"We don't want things or people–we want the feeling we mistake them for." There was an aha moment when I understood these wise words of yours. I accessed it and yet nothing had changed in my world other than allowing myself to have it. I have the power! I still access that feeling as I sit here typing, and it is sweet indeed! ~ Kathryn Owen

CD 1
Introduction, How Alchemy was Born

Listen to me narrate a key chapter in my book and reveal what happened the moment suffering switched into joy. Since then I have seen many other people do it too.  Why is it so important, why is it in your course, and why is this the first module in the course?

  • How Alchemy was Born - The practice that is altering and even saving lives
  • Fear of Uncertainty After Childbirth

While the structure of suffering is the same, the situations and perceptions are different. The full set of CD's cover many different types of issues, yet each "ah-ha" is useful to everyone.

CD 2
Family, Friends, and Pets

  • My Son is Not Interested in Spending Time with Me
  • Denied Someone's Help, Unable to "Get Into the Heart Space"
  • Blames Herself Because Her Dog Killed a Cat

Each track, and then each CD builds on the next, as one painful state after another gets shifted into more open, intelligent states that allows for access to wisdom and knowledge that could not be known from a bad state.

Like a gold mine...
you enable people to be rich!

Cindy won’t tell you how it feels to feel good, she holds a space and opening for you to experience it. Through her simple process of looking, recognizing, breathing, discarding and – being – WOW! I’m sure each Alchemy session is as unique as every individual but it left me lighter, more apt to deal compassionately with difficult situations and my time spent with Cindy allowed me to relax, laugh and feel – feel that I am making a positive difference and that I am worthy of… feeling. I recognize the importance of tapping into my body for insight and thanks to the tools you shared with me yesterday evening I have been doing it all day ; ) After our call I took time for myself, to breathe, stretch and felt secure, happy and productively creative.

Thank you Cindy. Like a gold mine in this age of economy based on information and exchange, you enable people to be rich! ~ Nathalie Beaupre, Ottawa

CD 3
Money, Decisions, and Rejection

  • Getting to the Core Attachment, Being Let Down, Rejected
  • She Has to Make a Decision: Money, Guilt, Abundance in Your Own Business

Nothing is taught - Clients are guided through the process to unveil their own inner wisdom within, and the recognitions often result in sudden laughter of realization and understanding.

CD 4
Accident Trauma, Facial Scar,
A Partner Who Always Says: No!

  • The Scar of a Car Accident, Abandonment, and Guilt
  • Why Do You Always Say No?

Nothing, not even an outer scar can scar your inner joy.

Wholeness and Love

Cindy, thank you so much for sharing your beautifully simplistic and powerful ways to truly shift yourself/attitude through awareness. The tools you shared with my husband and myself are a treasured gift that we will put into practice by asking those few questions to get us back into wholeness and love. Although we initially called about our daughter, you helped us to realize the importance of not just holding the space for her, but ultimately taking responsibility for only our OWN selves. May the work you do be blessed. Thank you once more.

Full of gratitude,
~Veronica and Zeke Rios, USA

CD 5:
Losing Your Power,
Panic, Control, Crumbling with People

  • I Lost It!
  • I Should Have Known the Answer: Panic, Feel out of Control
  • Part One: She Blew Me Off! Part Two: How Come I Crumble with Some People?

Again and again, when you actualize that both pain and joy are within, then you discover that you are free, have always been free, and always will be free. When you discover this freedom and joy, and become obsessed with it instead of thoughts, then mind will become your friend, and joy can be unleashed beyond anything you could have imagined. Unshakable peace is available.

The work you are doing is
truly powerful and valuable

Cindy, I had to comment again, because the work you are doing is truly powerful and valuable. After our one session, I am still benefiting from the insight you provided. Thank you, you are truly a blessing! Definitely a gift. ~ Lisa Walls

Here's Everything You'll Get Instantly,
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Inner Peace of Mind
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What You Get
Download the 5 CD's as MP3s (up to 80-minutes each)
CD 1 - Introduction, How Alchemy was Born
CD 2 - Family, Friends, and Pets
CD 3 - Money, Decisions, and Rejection
CD 4 - Accident Trauma, Facial Scar, A Partner Always Says: No!
CD 5 - Losing Your Power, Panic, Control, Crumbling with People
Audio CD Set, Shipped
5 Audio CD's, beautifully packaged in a binder case
Alchemy Cheat Sheet (PDF) $7.00
Alchemy Antonyms Chart (PDF) $7.00
Transcripts of the Audios (eBook) $47.00
Guided Alchemy MP3 $37.00
Sense Presence Meditation MP3 $27.00
Alchemy Quick Start Guide PDF
To help you make the shift to freedom and peace
5 Happiness Mistakes Audio MP3
Cindy's Notes on the Audio Sessions
Shipped with the CDs, as a printed booklet
Three Chapters Alchemy e-Book PDF
Peace of Mind, Love, Joy
Private Bonus Breakthrough Session with the Author Cindy Teevens
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CD Album 3D

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But I'm so confident you'll stay on, and you'll experience the shift, the joy, and the freedom, that you'll send a testimonial sharing how much better you feel after using Alchemy for Inner Peace of Mind.


me_phone_smGet a Private, One-on-One Bonus Breakthrough Private Session
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Cindy works with healing from:

  • Hurt, Trauma, Abuse, Anger
  • Betrayal, Resentment, Conflict, Regret
  • Physical Pain, Terminal Illness, Death
  • Dating, Loneliness, Relationships
  • Abandonment, Grief, Loss, Trauma, Shame, Guilt
  • Money, Careers, Trauma, Fear
  • Worry or Anxiety, Negative thinking, Low Self-Esteem
  • Sadness, Aimlessness, and the Inner Voice/Critic